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CPA - Certified Professional Accountants

Forensic and Litigation Support

The accounting professionals of Ferguson Camp Poll, P.C. assist clients and attorneys with a variety of forensic accounting, litigation support, and business valuation services. We gather records to objectively analyze and interpret the data, then explain complex accounting, business, and financial issues in a manner that is concise and understandable.

We provide answers in divorce and estate matters:

  • prove (or disprove) separate property and reimbursement claims

  • prepare alimony calculations and lifestyle budgets

  • analyze proposed property divisions, including tax planning

  • value interests in business entities

Our team also calculates damages in commercial matters:

  • breach of contract/torts
  • shareholder oppression

While we have experience testifying in a courtroom or arbitration setting, our involvement at mediation has assisted parties in settling their disputes. Our firm is also selected as an independent neutral by litigants and local courts.